LOHAS Life〜身体は答えを知っている 〜

あまつち ふぁ~む  身体の答えを聞く【キネシオロジー】宇氣比(ウケヒ)  種 健康 癒 食 気 旅 環境。。。。

Sound Healing & Kinesiology ㏌Aso

【By appointment only】
Held dozens of times in Okayama Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture Every time popular sound healing It will be held at Maki Onsen Town in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture! Relax while listening to soothing sounds In Kinesiology, the study of muscles Check your body's answers Each facility has a unique hot spring area with different spring quality Yumeguri refreshment After your favorite lunch Lie down, feel the sound, feel the energy, It may bring you closer to a healthy body

Sound Healing Singing Bowl The smartphone recording sound is bad, come and listen live~
Hot spring (Uchinomaki hot springs with free-flowing hot springs, many town baths without soap, etc.)

【Date and time】2024 March 25th (Monday) to 29th (Friday)
     Japanese site
  13:30 (doors open 13:15) to 15:00
  Sound healing performance 1 hour 
  Singing bowls, tongue drums, CDs, others 
【price】5,500 yen per person
   No change required, please bring the fixed amount
   (cash accepted on the day)  
【Deadline】 5 days before the event date
【Capacity] 8 people

【Location】 Utinomaki Onsen Town, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture  
 ・Drinking water: It is good to drink spring water
      (the god of fortune) right before

 ・Mask Wear a mask to prevent snoring  
 ・Pillow  Can be used as a towel instead of a pillow
 ・Wearing a blanket against the cold, etc. The venue is tatami mats   
   (zabuton available)
 ・Clothing that can be worn for sleeping
Trousers without buttons
     or ribbons are recommended
 ・Accessories/stones/things with water, etc.

   Is there a good effect of purifying with sound?  

【Product sales】 Oshite goods, etc.

[Application]  Email   amatsuchi@ymail.ne.jp Subject [Event]
       LINE               FB   
           Apply by filling in the following
 ●Name ●Number of people ●Smartphone phone number
 ●Optional Kinesiology (Ukehi) 1,000 yen/10 minutes    
  Listen to the body's response with muscle reflexes
   A care point check Investigate care points
   B Color check Investigate support colors
   C Others   Please let us know what you would like to find out
   D Tamafuri (shaking the body)
   and desired reservation time
   (From ☆☆:☆☆ to ☆☆:◇◇ in XX minutes)  
  11:00-13:15 (during preparation time)
  3:20 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Waiting time available   
  Application will be completed when the organizer replies

  [SMS] 090-3859-1516 (TAMA) Japanese only on the phone
(If you do not receive an email reply after 3 days, please contact us via SMS)      Individual sessions are always available  Aso City / Hiruzen, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture
[Product sales] Oshite goods, etc.

[Cancellation] 0% 3 days before, 50% 1 day before, 100% on the day, will be charged
Some people get sleepy, please stay nearby
If you are not feeling well, please do not overdo it and cancel
(scheduled to be held every month)
If you need a chair, please let us know in advance.
Smartphones should be in silent mode, and conversations should be held in the lobby, etc.
Check your hearing aids, sound collectors, etc. Howling occurs due to gaps and volume adjustments.
The venue is not barrier-free, and it is difficult for those who cannot climb up and down on their own.
No pets allowed (including service dogs) / Minors must be accompanied by an adult
We may post non-personally identifiable images taken at the venue on the Internet.
Mandatory to wear a mask (to prevent heavy sleep and snoring, exposing your nose is OK)
Facing the road, you may hear some residential noise
The air conditioner is not used for ventilation, and the sensible temperature may be uncomfortable.
Those who have applied will be deemed to have accepted the contents.
  Prohibited matter
Please be considerate of artificial fragrances, please cooperate with chemical
allergy countermeasures
Walking around, hitting people, etc.
  (There are people who react to sounds and move)
Filming of participants Posted online without permission Recording/Drinking/Smoking (Participating after drinking ◎)
Shout loudly, make loud noises Pronunciation from luggage, accessories, etc.

In addition, those who do not follow the instructions will be asked to leave and refunds will not be accepted.

troubles between visitors, ven if it is canceled, we cannot compensate for transportation and accommodation reservations, so please enjoy Aso.

Please apply after understanding your own responsibility for changes in mind and body.
Luggage is self-managed, theft and trouble, accidents, troubles between visitors,
Even if injuries or other damages occur, the parties concerned will not be held responsible.
Unexpected, unsatisfactory, etc. cannot be compensated
Even if it is canceled transportation expenses cannot be compensated, so please enjoy Aso

We are looking forward to seeing you all (#^.^#)

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